Khandesh College Education Society's
Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
KCES's Moolji Jaitha College Campus Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India - 425001

Dr. V. S. Zope


Teaching and learning has been the manifestation of my deep passion for sharing of knowledge. It empowers the students and enlarges the horizons of their minds. It not only enables a person to earn his living with respect and dignity but also energizes the society. Science education is an effective medium of social transformation that contributes in the development of the society and the nation.
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Post Graduate College of Science Technology & Research.

One of the new gems was added in the crown of KCE Society in 2010 when the Post Graduate College of Science, Technology and Research were established in Jalgaon by the Khandesh College Education Society. This not only added quantitatively to the pursuits of already well acclaimed KCE Society in the academic field, but also proved a qualitative milestone. The college received recognition from the Government of Maharashtra vides their GR No. N.G.C/2010/ (7/10). 15 July 2010 to start Post graduate programs in Rural Development, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Geo-informatics. We also added Statistics and mathematics in 2018.
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Rules & Regulations

  • Discipline is the integral part of education and hence our top most priority is discipline.
  • Every Student shall wear clean suitable and presentable clothing.
  • Representations, complaints and grievances, if any, may be informed to the principal through the staff-in-charge of students’ welfare.
  • The College authorities will not own responsibilities for the costly jewels worn by the students.
  • Students should attend all terminals and model examinations without fail.
  • Attendance is taken at every lecture and practical classes.
  • No Students will be allowed to take active part in any political activity, directly or indirectly, associated with anti-social activity with the aim of violence.
  • Every student should wear the identity card every day.
  • Every student must obtain college identity card within a month from the date of admission otherwise he /she will be subhected to penalty of Rs. 50.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to smoke consume drug, narcotics, tobacco, Gutka, in college premises, Not only this, but if a student, is found in possession of narcotics and drugd, he will be liable for punishment under the Mumbai Police Acr, 1951.
  • Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited within the campus.

News, Notice  & Announcements

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Vacancy  / Tenders

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