'NAAC Accredited 'B+' CGPA 2.52 (First Cycle)
Khandesh College Education Society's
Post Graduate College of Science, Arts & Commerce, Jalgaon
Affiliated to K.B.C. North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.


Alumni Association (Certificate of P.A.A.) 1
Alumni Association (Certificate of P.A.A.) 2
Alumni List(pdf)

Alumni Association

It is one of the different programmes organized in the college for the development of all round personality of students. In this association the alumni, the former students come together as a team who are the product of our own college. Every academic year this association organizes variety of programmes. The alumni of our college gather and share their sweet memories of their time. We are proud to say that many former students of our B.Ed. College have achieved name & fame in society. They come from the different areas like education, politics, literature, arts etc. Whenever they are called for the alumni meetings or some other college programmes, they do come happily to enjoy the college moments again.

Every year, the programmings by allumni association are always awaited since the alumni share their experiences, motivate students and guide interestingly. Our alumni forms pillars of India.

The meetings & programmes of alumni are much informal and become a source of energy. By this alumni programmes, the college is always in touch with students in their progress.

These alumni associations strengthen the bond between students and college. The alumni inculcate the motivation and inspiration to newly admitted students.

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